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Strategy in Germany

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Modern management frameworks and tools give us the strength to support you in facing or even crafting the future of your business. Asking the right questions on getting a better appreciation of your core competencies and crafting strategies on how to form a competitive advantage out of it, is what we are happy to do for you.


Our economical, business and social science expertise combined with

our analytical, critical and creative way of thinking helps us

provide you with impulses and ideas for a fair price on:

Market Entrance Strategy

for Germany

Starting your business in Germany gives you the chance of setting your strategy according to Germany. You might want to consider German customers as well as competition.

Positioning your product thoughtfully on the market can determine your success in the upcoming years, as an example. 

Business Development in Germany

After you have entered the German market or if you are already operating in Germany

it is time to develop your business strategically.

We might have some bold and broader or light and luster fashion for you to grow your business in Germany and beyond.

Business & Revenue Modelling

More than 50 patterns on how to do business are currently used to do business. Why should not there be one or two models that you could cover to improve your business? Perhaps also next to your main business model. Furthermore, smart management of the revenue stream or even the discovering of additional opportunities can enhance your business case a lot.

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