Selling Online in Germany

How We Can Help You

to Successfully Sell Online to Germany

Online Shop in Gemany

Starting an online shop selling in Germany

... is a challenging venture for everyone. But if it is done right, one can do good business.


You will need to adjust your online shop to Germany

when selling online from abroad to Germany

and we are here to help you with that to make your online shop successful!


The following example shows the basic guidelines on how we can help you with your online shop in Germany. Keep in mind, this is a general concept and that we will adapt it to the specific needs of your online shop selling in Germany.

Let's assume ...

You are a proud founder of a company based in another country Europe or elsewhere, and you want to expand your business into the large German and other German-speaking markets. Your products or services have the potential to add value to the lives of more customers and, in the end, to your income as well. Now you want to expand your business to the German market with an online shop.


Here are some aspects you are going to want to consider!

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Phase One:

What do you need to start an online shop

selling in Germany?

First of all, you need a good and to your German target group tailored German language of your online shop for Germany. Your online shop and product descriptions should not only be grammatically correct but also fit the tone of your corporate identity as well as to the German culture and especially to your German target group. A simple example would be that you have two forms of "you" in German, and deciding if you use the formal or informal version depends heavily on your target customers.


We will help you with your translation and writing of your website and other language-based work like setting the right German keywords for SEO, create catchy advertising slogans, find the right places to advertise, and a lot more.


But not only the language is essential when selling online in Germany from abroad. Your entire (re)presentation must signal: we are an honest business. For this, there are some important actions to consider, and we will help you with every step.

Phase two:

Developing your shop

Having a professional German online appearance is only the first step we will go with you. Moreover, we will help you to define your target group and to segment and analyze the market and consult how to target this German group.

We analyze the market and give you guidelines on what price your customers are willing to pay and how to set the marketing mix in Germany.

Furthermore, we are going to connect you with the right business partners, like e-commerce fulfillment, tax advisors, and others.

Developing an online shop in Germany
Grow online shop in Germany

Phase Three:

Growing your e-commerce business

When this part of our relationship starts, your company has established a secure position in the German market. You know your target group and how to reach them, and you have competent partners.


Now it's time to go for growth,

by facing the future

as well as business and market conditions

in a broader and bolder strategy.


We support you in enhancing your online marketing and expanding your customer base and your product portfolio. We will help to find new ways to improve your business: for example, finding German employees. And we will help you to optimize your company's structure as a whole, utilize opportunities, and manage challenges, by applying modern tools and frameworks of strategic management.

Phase four:

Enjoy the success

Take a minute and enjoy your well-earned success.

Successful online shop in Germany

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