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Business Development in Germany

We support you in expanding and adjusting your business to Germany!

Our business services for your success in Germany

Market Analysis Germany
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Marketing Germany


Know your market, customers, and competitors in Germany!


  • Who are your competitors in Germany?

  • How are your competitors positioned in Germany?

  • What is the strength and weaknesses of your competitors compared to you?

Competition in Germany


  • How big is the market in Germany?

  • What is your market potential in Germany?

  • How intense is the competition in Germany?

  • How to set the prices?



German customers
  • What to consider about the business culture in Germany?

  • Who are your end-customers in Germany?

  • What to consider about your target group and end-customers in Germany?

We analyze and research the market conditions for you, so you get specific information about the relevant facets of the vast and complex German market. We will decrease your competitive disadvantage against native German competitors by providing you with market analysis and insights about Germany.


Knowing Germany and how customers think

is crucial for building and growing your business in Germany.



Modern management frameworks and tools combined with our knowledge about Germany give us the competence to support you in improving or even crafting the future of your business in Germany. We are happy to provide you with a strategy that fits your ambitions and the German market!

Adjust your business to Germany!



Business development
  • We support you in growing your sales in Germany

  • We will assist you in shaping new business and revenue models

  • We will help you in expanding to the other German-speaking markets, Austria and Switzerland



Market entry strategy
  • Adjustments of your business to the culture, circumstances, and competition

  • Alignment of your marketing to your target group in Germany

  • Making sure that your product and brand names fit to Germany


  • Consultancy on your business and marketing strategy in Germany

  • Positioning your brand and products according to the market in Germany

  • Choosing sales channels according to your products and brand


Sell your products through retailers in Germany!

Online shops and market places

  • We find the right online shops and marketplaces to sell through

  • We make sure all shops and market places fit to your strategy and brand

  • We help you to open and develop the new sales channels

online shop and market places

Physical points of sales

Physical points of sales
  • We find you the right supermarkets, drug stores, bio stores, etc. to sell through

  • We help you to open and develop stores as new sales channels

  • We connect you with importers whom themself distribute to big chains in Germany


We consult on your marketing strategy and assist you with the implementation in Germany. We provide you with marketing and sales concepts and activities tailored to the German market to address your target group in Germany in the best possible way.


Through the eyes of German customers,

we boost your marketing!


Marketing strategy
  • Positioning in Germany

  • Push or pull marketing strategy

  • How to target businesses and end-customers in Germany

  • Marketing tonality

  • Brand building

Pull marketing



  • Conducting online marketing

  • Writing slogans, ads, creatives tailored to your target group

  • Services for

    • Google ads

    • Facebook ads

    • Social media, content, and affiliate  marketing


B2B Marketing
  • Services for

    • Lead generation

    • Google ads

    • Email marketing

    • Portals and market places

  • Writing slogans, ads, texts tailored to your target group


Inflame the desire for your products!

Modern business is a complex endeavor, especially when you export over nation borders. Trade was streamlined in the last decades and the EU in particular made cross-border trade a lot easier. But still, every country has its own characteristics and regulations. Its own special market situations and culture and far more differences. We are a focused business, determent to kickstart and boost your sales in Germany. Therefore we can not provide all services a company could need when entering the German market. For example, legal advice, tax consultancy, or even product design. But we know the company you need and if not we will find them for you! And we will integrate their expertise in our analysis and solutions for you!

Even more support

We connect you with competent business partners in Germany.


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