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Online Payment Methods in Germany

Updated: Mar 21

Online payment methods in Germany

How German online shoppers like to pay online

Of course, every country has its differences in how things are done in personal and commercial life. One of these things that is in particular important for online sellers who want to sell online in Germany, is how German online shoppers like to pay online.

Preferred payment methods for online shoppers in Germany

Study conducted in 2020

Source: Statista (2020)

For the best outcome, you have no other option than to include PayPal and Invoice as a payment option in Germany. No matter which survey you look at - PayPal and invoice always top the ranking. Almost every second German online shopper prefers to pay via PayPal, and 83 % of all shoppers use this method at one point or another. On the other hand, almost every online shopper (93 %) paid at least once via invoice. But only every fifth customer uses invoice as their preferred choice - meaning the invoice is the go-to alternative for German customers.

Payment methods that online shoppers in Germany have already used

Study conducted in Nov. 2018

Source: Idealo (2018), study by ECC Köln

Behind the forerunner is the German-specific SEPA Direct Debit. It is a well-known Credit Card in Germany. While everyone is familiar with Credit Card, SEPA Direct Debit might need some more explanation for non-Europeans. Since we want to keep this article compact, we just refer you to this introduction.

What payment methods German online shops are offering

With that relevance as an online payment method in Germany, it is no wonder that online shops in Germany are using PayPal (85 %). Due to the obvious advantage for vendors to receiving the money before sending out the product instead of vice versa, prepayment is the favored payment option over invoice.

The most used payment options of German online shops

Study conducted in 2020

Source: Shopware (2021)

An important trend in recent years is that online shops in Germany use more and more payment service providers. By working with a payment provider, payment methods like prepayment or invoice or even the whole payment process can be outsourced to a trusted and secured payment provider - e.g. Klarna is already the fifth most popular option among German e-commerce businesses.

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