• Alexander Müller

How to Create a Brilliant Advertising Video on your Own Part II

Promo - videos for social media and how to get your customer hooked (2/2)

And here is our second part of our little series about video marketing. If you want to learn more about how to make a good and fitting video for social media. And how you use the chancels effectively, have a look at our first part:

Promo - Videos for Social Media and how to get your customer hooked (1/2)

Not only advertisement videos can boost your business: tutorials, time - lapse, or making offs also can promote your marketing proposition and company. Sometimes it can even add specific value for your customer. Like if your product needs a lot of steps to be assembled or its correct usage requires some knowledge. But sometimes these videos are just fun (for your customer and maybe also for you)!

Time - lapse

For example, a time-lapse video of a restoration company that gives the viewer a satisfying feeling when they see something old becomes new. If the video is fun (e.g. through a popular format like time-lapse), more people will watch the video, which are potential customers. The best part? Those videos are easy to make: just place a camera, let your people work, and compress it as a time-lapse video as Space X did:


If you create a tutorial for the use/assembly of your product, you can and should make the video longer, but it requires the right pacing. Don't tell the viewers, your potential customers your whole life background. Don't waste time with extended greetings or some rant about other people's opinions. Just start with content like information about assembling/usage of the product. Of course, keep it in a way that everyone can understand your content. An easy way to keep the pacing and not lose your inexperience customers is to show things like a special tool or a distinctive feature of your product between the standard information. Here you can also drop a joke or a short anecdote if and whenever it fits. Of course, jokes should be placed right, if you make a tutorial on how to assemble your product, better skip the jokes, as customers will probably have to rewind this video. Also, when you use jokes make sure they are actually what your target audience likes. Hearing a lame joke once can be excused, but hearing it five times before a critical explanation is a different story. And be harsh with yourself. If you feel the joke or comment is kind of out of place, the customer will definitely think it is more out of place as this TV is.

What else?

Don't promote your tutorials with paid ads on Facebook or Instagram! Just post them on your social media profiles, and don't forget YouTube. But also don't place them in a paid advertisement slot at YouTube, those videos are not made for it! You may also upload your video on your website.

And yeas, there are a lot more things to consider: finding the right voice for your (German) audience / writing a fitting script (of finding the right tone) for your (German) target group, thinking about details like a call to action in the end. It is a complicated matter, but here you are prepared to try yourself out.

2 Free video tools

These are a lot of tools out there to help you to produce videos of any kind. The following tools are only the ones I personally like. They are easy to use and perfectly suitable for beginners. Normally, I would have liked to recommend Windows Movie Maker for starters. But as it is no longer supported by Microsoft I can not suggest it with a clean conscience.


A very good and free alternative is Shortcut, an open-source video editor. It is relatively easy to use and has all the features you need as a beginner. It even has some extra features the good old Windows Movie Maker didn't have. For example, it is possible to incorporate a green screen.

VSDC Free Video Editor

This tool is not so different from other movie editors but offers some nice advantage. In addition to being user-friendly, it has one special property: it can capture your screen directly into its program. Here you can edit it instantly, without any in-between steps. This makes it perfect for digital tutorials!