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  Vision, Mission & Philosophy


To connect Europe's new markets to the German market for the benefit of all. Helping all European countries achieve a comparable standard of living and opportunities.


To support and boost central and eastern European SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs. We assist and support SMEs to export and expand to the German market, by providing support, services, and guidance for the German market and customers. 


We assist and advice your businesses and product to have the same economic opportunities in the German market as domestic ones have.


Sustainable contribution


Fair and honest business conduct


Scientific based research and guidance


Building top jobs in Germany and all over Europe


We are passionate Europeans and we want to support fellow Europeans.

Our vision and mission are to providing success by a faster and adequate adoption of your business to the German market. We believe in the “European Dream” of becoming wealthy by utilizing our common market, being successfully by specialization of each country and exporting to the others.