Market Analysis Germany

We conduct small-sized research and in-depth market analysis

of the German market and the German customer as well as knowledge about Germany for foreign online shops, and SMEs who are selling in Germany.


Know your market, customers, and competitors in Germany!

We analyze the market conditions in Germany for you, so you get specific and crucial information about Germany. We decrease your competitive disadvantage to local businesses by providing you with information about Germany.


Knowing how German customers think

will help you to target them more efficiently.


Analyzing the market and getting answers about the following questions is crucial in order to develop a sustainable success. We are going to analyze, research, and answer those questions for you.


  • How big is your market in Germany?

  • What is your market potential in Germany?

  • How intense is the competition in Germany?

  • How to set optimal prices in Germany to increase your profit?

  • What are the market segments?

  • Porter's 5 forces market analysis for Germany


  • How to define the target group in Germany?

  • What to consider about your target group in Germany?

  • What does your target group need, like, and demand?

  • What problems does your target group have?

  • Does your target group need, like, want your product?


  • Who are your competitors in Germany?

  • How are your competitors positioned in Germany?

  • What is the strength and weaknesses of your competitors compared to you?

  • How could the competitors react to your market entry?

Furthermore, we will segment your market and target group to get a clearer view and a more efficient market analysis for Germany. Based on that, you will be able to target these segments customized and hence more effectively and to better costs.

Also, we will give you feedback from the view of German customers, and we can easily conduct small questionnaires for you.

Contact us to make the best out of your business in Germany!