Frische Bretzeln

Consulting for Germany


You don't need a marketing and business development partner for Germany yet? You only need brief, focused information on how to start or boost sales on the German market? Then we have something for you now:

Business & marketing consulting for Germany

We will discuss and consult on

  • how to start and grow your sales and business in Germany

  • what you need to consider about the German market, customers, culture, and circumstances

  • how to adjust or craft your business & marketing strategy for Germany

Consultancy via Zoom or via Sophia with a Co-Founder & Partner of Müller & Müller Consulting

The consultancy will take place online via Zoom or another video call platform for the time described. The 2-hour and 4-hour consultancy sessions can be split into two sessions.

You can also book the session through the new consultancy platform, Sophia Advisory.

Prices (excl. VAT):

1-hour session for 150 EUR

2-hour session for 250 EUR

4-hour session for 380 EUR