Business Partners in Germany

Administration of the Business in Germany

Business Partners

in Germany

We will find and connect you with business partners for logistic solutions and accounting and other partners in Germany.  

When selling from abroad to Germany, you basically have no other choices then dealing with the comprehensive German administration (e. g. the most tax literature worldwide is published in the German language).


We are glad to help you to fulfill

the requirements and cultural norms

for doing business in Germany by connecting you with an accountant in Germany.


Also, we are helping you to notice possible options for doing business in Germany and, in the end, to be able to choose wisely.


We are happy to support you by assisting you with what should be considered and by finding the right specialist in this regard, possibly even in your first language.


We are here for you to point out all the crucial aspects to consider and to connect you with competent accountants, lawyers, and tax advisers in Germany.

With your business in e-commerce, you perhaps are going to need low-cost and scaleable business partners for logistics, accounting (in your native language), or other business areas.


We want to ease your pain and you

to focus on your core business

by connecting you with the right

business partners in Germany.



For example, we are in cooperation with the following specialists in Germany.


  • Online marketing agency (for high volume)

  • Warehouse and e-commerce fulfillment solution center  

  • Accountant

  • Digitalization consultancy

  • IT service providers

  • Intellectual-property specialist

  • Recruitment agency

Moreover, we cooperate with marketing and business specialists from Estonia to Bulgaria and also in the USA.

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