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Jonas S. Müller

Alexander Müller

I am a German expert in the field of marketing and business strategies in Germany. I graduated from University in the top group of the year at one of the best universities of applied sciences in Germany. My specialty and passion are in the field of marketing, management as well as microeconomics.

At my various work experiences, I proved to apply the knowledge and to discuss these matters with the managers directly. I gained important experience in the field of online marketing, business strategy and e-commerce. Working abroad gave me the opportunity to observe what issues occur when managing online stores abroad selling to Germany and how to solve those business obstacles.

I am in particular interested and well educated in the studies of the market and to apply it in management measures. That is why I choose to examine market failure in the form of asymmetric information at international trade, which turned out to become a pioneering thesis since there are almost no studies available.

Hi there!

We are the founders of Müller & Müller Consulting,  an agile and dynamic freelance company. Our goal is to grow ourselves and our customers. We are passionate Europeans who worked first in our hometown, then in our country and later abroad.  


During work experiences abroad, in a southeast country of Europe, we discovered the need for young companies to have competent and fair priced consulting to start, succeed and grow their business in the vital German market. 


We are eager to work also with you to improve your company and support you to evolve a lasting (and independent) stand in Germany and other German-speaking markets, by consulting how to satisfy German customers, how to approach the German market and by connecting you with our competent network of business partners in various fields in Germany.

I am an expert on German customers and in understanding the needs of small companies. During my studies, I once worked at a young and small company. There I learned quickly how much different work needs to be done by the few people working in small businesses with limited resources. Since then this need for young and small companies to be efficient and perform diverse task stayed always in the back of my had when consulting customers.

My manifold education gives me powerful tools for the many different tasks I need to do, to help you. Since, for a business to succeed everything is important, from understanding the social behavior of the customer to set up an inviting and functional website and even seemingly negligible things, like the color palette of your logo.

In addition to my classical education, I learned a lot about the function of online platforms. Gaining hands-on insides into public relations since the beginning of my studies. Furthermore, the key interest in the function of complex and multilayered systems, like companies, and my diverse education inflamed my wish to help others build their company.