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We are the founders of Müller & Müller Consulting,  an agile and dynamic freelance company. Our goal is to grow ourselves through the success of our clients. We are experts in the field of marketing in Germany and on how to target German customers.


We support foreign online shops, entrepreneurs, and SMEs to sell in German and we consult on how to target and satisfy German customers. We provide strategic concepts on how to do business in Germany as well as analysis and knowledge about the German market. Moreover, we assist foreign businesses in their marketing activities in German(y).

Our experience, combined with our academic education in the field of business, marketing, and the behavior of German customers, gives us the necessary competencies. This state-of-the-art knowledge of marketing and strategy setting, combined with our developed skillset and experiences in the business world gives us the tools to boost also your business in Germany.

Jonas S. Müller

I am a German expert in the field of marketing and business strategies in Germany.

In the last years, I created, together with Alexander, specific strategic concepts for several businesses. From a young starting company in Los Angeles to a German world leader in a niche market. Form business plans for start-ups to marketing strategy concepts for medium-sized manufacturers.

At my various work experiences, I proved to apply my academic education and my business knowledge. I gained valuable experience in the field of online marketing, business strategy, and e-commerce. Working abroad gave me the opportunity to observe what issues occur when managing online stores abroad selling to Germany and how to solve those business obstacles.

In particular, I am interested and highly educated in the studies of the market and to apply the findings of market analyses in management measures. That is why I choose to examine market failure in the form of asymmetric information at international trade, which turned out to become a pioneering thesis since there are almost no studies available.

Alexander Müller

I am an expert on German customers and in understanding the needs of small companies. During my studies, I once worked at a young and small company. There I learned quickly how much different work needs to be done by the few people working in small companies with limited resources. Since then, this need for young and small companies to be efficient and perform diverse tasks always stayed in the back of my had when consulting customers.


My manifold education gives me powerful tools for the tasks in market analysis, marketing, and strategy to support your business in Germany. Since, for a business to succeed everything is important, from understanding the social behavior of the German customer to set up an inviting and functional website and marketing funnel. Even seemingly negligible things, like your corporate design or the correctness of your Impressum, are essential to succeed in Germany.


In addition to my classical education, I learned a lot about the function of online shops and platforms by gaining hands-on insides into marketing and public relations already since the beginning of my studies. Furthermore, the key interest in the function of complex and multilayered systems, like companies and my diverse experience and education, inflamed my wish to support you in building your company in Germany.

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