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In a marketing manner, we evaluate the current stage of our clients very critically through the eyes of a German customer. Based on that we develop concepts to overcome flaws, help to win the trust of German customers or advice the market entry strategy for Germany. In a scientific way, we research and describe the needs of your target group and advise you on how to address these needs.


In short, we work on:

Market entrance in Germany

Price optimization for Germany

(Online) marketing in Germany
German Market analysis & research
German Texts & translations 
Assistance for operating in German 

Currently, we are working on online advertising campaigns and product descriptions as well as on strategy consulting and price optimization for several online stores. Previously we did among other things research on the needs of the German customers at a niche market and developed suggestions on how to implement our findings in the German communication policy of our client. Moreover, we worked on a comprehensive strategic plan for a German world leader in a niche market as well as on a market entrance strategy for another young Bulgarian business in Germany.


Next to our focus on applied business, we are master students, which means we are part of the academic community in business and economic fields. We are trained in the state of the art of business and marketing. Being students allows us to maintain a close relationship with professors and to research scientific topics. For example, one of us did extensive pioneer research on asymmetric information in international trade (that e.g. German consumers have trust issues towards eastern Europen businesses).

We provide foreign SMEs an understanding of the German market with an emphasis on the German customer. We consult, assist and support foreign and in particular central and eastern European businesses to succeed in our hypercompetitive German market.

German customers tend to be very

critical and skeptical, so are we.

Let us complain, not your customer!


Moreover, we do research and consult how to approach the German market, to compete and to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in Germany. Economic and marketing models show us how the market works and how businesses can gain profit. Our current stage of studies allows us to provide this knowledge for SMEs for an affordable price, so the market entry for foreign SMEs can be eased and growth can be obtained. 

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